Class UHash32

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public class UHash32
extends BaseMac

UHASH is a keyed hash function, which takes as input a string of arbitrary length, and produces as output a string of fixed length (such as 8 bytes). The actual output length depends on the parameter UMAC-OUTPUT-LEN.

UHASH has been shown to be epsilon-ASU ("Almost Strongly Universal"), where epsilon is a small (parameter-dependent) real number. Informally, saying that a keyed hash function is epsilon-ASU means that for any two distinct fixed input strings, the two outputs of the hash function with a random key "look almost like a pair of random strings". The number epsilon measures how non-random the output strings may be.

UHASH has been designed to be fast by exploiting several architectural features of modern commodity processors. It was specifically designed for use in UMAC. But UHASH is useful beyond that domain, and can be easily adopted for other purposes.

UHASH does its work in three layers. First, a hash function called NH is used to compress input messages into strings which are typically many times smaller than the input message. Second, the compressed message is hashed with an optimized polynomial hash function into a fixed-length 16-byte string. Finally, the 16-byte string is hashed using an inner-product hash into a string of length WORD-LEN bytes. These three layers are repeated (with a modified key) until the outputs total UMAC-OUTPUT-LEN bytes.


  1. UMAC: Message Authentication Code using Universal Hashing.
    T. Krovetz, J. Black, S. Halevi, A. Hevia, H. Krawczyk, and P. Rogaway.

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name, truncatedSize, underlyingHash

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Constructor Summary

Trivial 0-arguments constructor.

Method Summary

init(Map<K,V> attributes)
update(byte b)
update(byte[] b, int offset, int len)

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clone, digest, init, macSize, name, reset, selfTest, update, update

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Constructor Details


public UHash32()
Trivial 0-arguments constructor.

Method Details


public Object clone()
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clone in interface IMac
clone in interface BaseMac


public byte[] digest()
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digest in interface IMac
digest in interface BaseMac


public void init(Map<K,V> attributes)
            throws InvalidKeyException,
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init in interface IMac
init in interface BaseMac


public int macSize()
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macSize in interface IMac
macSize in interface BaseMac


public void reset()
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reset in interface IMac
reset in interface BaseMac


public boolean selfTest()
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selfTest in interface IMac
selfTest in interface BaseMac


public void update(byte b)
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update in interface IMac
update in interface BaseMac


public void update(byte[] b,
                   int offset,
                   int len)
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update in interface IMac
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