Package gnu.javax.crypto.cipher

Interface Summary

IBlockCipher The basic visible methods of any symmetric key block cipher.

Class Summary

Anubis Anubis is a 128-bit block cipher that accepts a variable-length key.
BaseCipher A basic abstract class to facilitate implementing symmetric key block ciphers.
Blowfish Blowfish is a 16-round, 64-bit Feistel cipher designed by Bruce Schneier.
Cast5 An implmenetation of the CAST5 (a.k.a.
CipherFactory A Factory to instantiate symmetric block cipher instances.
DES The Data Encryption Standard.
Khazad Khazad is a 64-bit (legacy-level) block cipher that accepts a 128-bit key.
NullCipher The implementation of a Null block cipher.
Rijndael Rijndael --pronounced Reindaal-- is the AES.
Serpent Serpent is a 32-round substitution-permutation network block cipher, operating on 128-bit blocks and accepting keys of 128, 192, and 256 bits in length.
Square Square is a 128-bit key, 128-bit block cipher algorithm developed by Joan Daemen, Lars Knudsen and Vincent Rijmen.
TripleDES Triple-DES, 3DES, or DESede is a combined cipher that uses three iterations of the Data Encryption Standard cipher to theoretically improve the security of plain DES, at the cost of speed.
Twofish Twofish is a balanced 128-bit Feistel cipher, consisting of 16 rounds.

Exception Summary

WeakKeyException Checked exception thrown to indicate that a weak key has been generated and or specified instead of a valid non-weak value.