Class Summary

DSSSignature The DSS (Digital Signature Standard) algorithm makes use of the following parameters:
  1. p: A prime modulus, where 2L-1 < p < 2L for 512 <= L <= 1024 and L a multiple of 64.
  2. q: A prime divisor of p - 1, where 2159 < q < 2160.
  3. g: Where g = h(p-1)/q mod p, where h is any integer with 1 < h < p - 1 such that h (p-1)/q mod p > 1 (g has order q mod p).
  4. x: A randomly or pseudorandomly generated integer with 0 < x < q.
  5. y: y = gx mod p.
  6. k: A randomly or pseudorandomly generated integer with 0 < k < q.

The integers p, q, and g can be public and can be common to a group of users.

DSSSignatureRawCodec An object that implements the ISignatureCodec operations for the Raw format to use with DSS signatures.
DSSSignatureX509Codec An implementation of an ISignatureCodec that knows to encode and decode DSS signatures into the raw bytes which would constitute a DER-encoded form of the ASN.1 structure defined in RFC-2459, and RFC-2313 as described in the next paragraphs.