Class Summary

CRLFInputStream An input stream that filters out CR/LF pairs into LFs.
CRLFOutputStream An output stream that filters LFs into CR/LF pairs.
EmptyX509TrustManager Empty implementation of an X509 trust manager.
GetLocalHostAction Privileged action to retrieve the local host InetAddress.
HeaderFieldHelper This class manages header field keys and values.
IndexListParser The INDEX.LIST file contains sections each separated by a blank line.
LineInputStream An input stream that can read lines of input.
PlainDatagramSocketImpl This is the default socket implementation for datagram sockets.
PlainSocketImpl Unless the application installs its own SocketImplFactory, this is the default socket implemetation that will be used.

Error Summary

URLParseError This class helps the people writing protocols to report URL parse errors in parseUrl as this method cannot report other exceptions than Errors.