Interface Summary

WriterA Writer represents a simplified interface to an XML writer that is used for the XML persistence mechanism.

Class Summary

ClassPersistenceDelegateThe ClassPersistenceDelegate creates Expression instances which denote class resolutions.

The class resolution is always the last step when serializing a tree of objects.

CollectionPersistenceDelegateA PersistenceDelegate implementation that calls the no-argument constructor to create the Collection instance and uses an iterator to add all the objects it reaches through it.

It is used for Set and List implementations.

ContextA Contect object describes the current state and the call number while processing the original object tree in the ScanEngine.
ObjectId ObjectId provides an object identification mechanism which gives each object a name in the form <class><Nameindex>.
PrimitivePersistenceDelegate A shared PersistenceDelegate implementation for all primitive types.
RootRoot provides a simple interface to a tree of objects.

Using an instance of this class a logical representation of the real object tree that is serialized can be built.

ScanEngineThe ScanEngine is the main class of the backend of the XML persistence algorithm.
ScannerStateProvides the infrastructure for the state machine and the transition mechanism.

Each states knows a set of successor.

StAXWriterA Writer implementation based on the StAX API.