Interface Summary

LowPriorityEvent A marker interface that marks events with low priority.

Class Summary

AWTUtilities This class mirrors the javax.swing.SwingUtilities class.
BitMaskExtent Simple transparent utility class that can be used to perform bit mask extent calculations.
BitwiseXORComposite A composite for emulating traditional bitwise XOR of pixel values.
Buffers Utility class for creating and accessing data buffers of arbitrary data types.
ClasspathGraphicsEnvironment This class extends the GraphicsEnvironment API with some Classpath-specific methods, in order to provide optimized graphics handling.
ClasspathToolkit An abstract superclass for Classpath toolkits.
ComponentDataBlitOp This raster copy operation assumes that both source and destination sample models are tightly pixel packed and contain the same number of bands.
ComponentReshapeEvent This is used to update the AWT's knowledge about a Window's size when the user changes the window bounds.
EmbeddedWindow Represents an AWT window that can be embedded into another application.
GradientPaintContext A PaintContext used by the GradientPaint class.