Interface Summary

Pixelizer A pixelizer is responsible for actually manipulating the pixel of a drawing surface after the scanline conversion process.

Class Summary

AbstractGraphics2D This is a 100% Java implementation of the Java2D rendering pipeline.
AlphaCompositeContext A CompositeContext implementation for AlphaComposite.
CubicSegment Cubic Bezier curve segment
ImagePaint This class is used as a temporary Paint object to supply the pixel values for image rendering using the normal scanline conversion implementation.
PolyEdgeComparator Sorts PolyEdges by their current intersection points.
QuadSegment Quadratic Bezier curve segment Note: Most peers don't support quadratics directly, so it might make sense to represent them as cubics internally and just be done with it.
RasterGraphics A Graphics2D implementation that operates on Raster objects.
ScanlineConverter Rasterizes Shape objects on an AbstractGraphics2D.
ScanlineCoverage Stores and handles the pixel converage for a scanline.
ScanlineCoverage.Iterator Iterates over the coverage list and calculates the actual coverage ranges on a scanline.
ScanlineCoverage.Range A data object that carries information about pixel coverage on a scanline.
ShapeCache Caches certain Shape objects for reuse in AbstractGraphics2D.
ShapeWrapper Protects any other shape from beeing modified by wrapping it.
TextCacheKey A key object to be used when caching pre-rendered text.
TexturePaintContext A PaintContext implementation for TexturePaint, done in pure Java.