Interface Summary

ColorSpaceConverter ColorSpaceConverter - used by java.awt.color.ICC_ColorSpace Color space conversion can occur in several ways: -Directly (for the built in spaces sRGB, linear RGB, gray, CIE XYZ and PYCC -ICC_ProfileRGB works through TRC curves and a matrix -ICC_ProfileGray works through a single TRC -Everything else is done through Color lookup tables.

Class Summary

CieXyzConverter CieXyzConverter - converts to/from a D50-relative CIE XYZ color space.
ClutProfileConverter ClutProfileConverter - conversions through a CLUT-based profile
ColorLookUpTable ColorLookUpTable handles color lookups through a color lookup table, as defined in the ICC specification.
GrayProfileConverter GrayProfileConverter - converts Grayscale profiles (ICC_ProfileGray) This type of profile contains a single tone reproduction curve (TRC).
GrayScaleConverter Linear Grayscale converter
LinearRGBConverter LinearRGBConverter - conversion routines for a linear sRGB colorspace sRGB is a standard for RGB colorspaces, adopted by the w3c.
ProfileHeader Header, abstracts and validates the header data.
PyccConverter PyccConverter - conversion routines for the PhotoYCC colorspace Also known as PhotoCD YCC, it is an expansion of the conventional YCC color space to also include colors with over 100% white.
RgbProfileConverter RgbProfileConverter - converts RGB profiles (ICC_ProfileRGB) This type of profile contains a matrix and three tone reproduction curves (TRCs).
SrgbConverter Note the matrix numbers used here are NOT identical to those in the w3 spec, as those numbers are CIE XYZ relative a D65 white point.
TagEntry TagEntry - stores a profile tag.
ToneReproductionCurve ToneReproductionCurve - TRCs are used to describe RGB and Grayscale profiles.