Package gnu.gcj.xlib

Class Summary

Colormap An X11 color map resource.
Display A connection to an X11 display.
DrawableAn X11 drawable.
Font An X11 Font, implemented as a wrapper around an X11 Font XID and the associated Xlib XFontStruct structure.
GC An X11 graphics context.
Pixmap An X11 Pixmap.
Screen A flyweight class that denotes an X11 screen.
Visual A visual determines how a color is encoded into a pixel/bitfield value.
Window An X11 window.
WindowAttributes Collection of attributes that can be applied to or read from an X11 window.
WMSizeHints Size hints for an X11 window in its normal state.
XAnyEvent Mutable event structure that can contain any data from any event type.
XButtonEvent Interprets data from an Xlib XButtonEvent into members of java primitive types.
XColor A color or color-cell on the X server.
XConfigureEvent Interprets and retrieves data from an Xlib XConfigureEvent.
XEvent Base class for interpreters of specific X event types.
XExposeEvent Interprets data from an Xlib XExposeEvent.
XID Common base class for all resources that are stored on the server and refered to on the client side using XIDs.
XImage Structure containing image data that resides on the client side.
XUnmapEvent Interprets data from an Xlib XUnmapEvent.

Exception Summary

XConnectException Indicates that something went wrong with the connection to an X11 display.
XException Runtime exception that occurred during an Xlib operation.