Package gnu.gcj.convert

Class Summary

BytesToCharsetAdaptor Adaptor class that allow any Charset to be used as a BytesToUnicode converter.
CharsetToBytesAdaptor Adaptor class that allow any Charset to be used as a UnicodeToBytes converter.
Input_8859_1 Convert ISO-Latin-1 (8859-1) text to Unicode.
Input_ASCII Convert ASCII text to Unicode.
Input_EUCJIS Convert EUCJIS (Extended Unix Code for Japan) to Unicode.
Input_iconv Convert bytes in some iconv-supported encoding to Unicode.
Input_JavaSrc Convert Ascii with \ u XXXX-escapes to Unicode.
Input_SJIS Convert SJIS (Shift JIS, used on Japanese MS-Windows) to Unicode.
Input_UTF8 Convert UTF8 to Unicode.
Output_8859_1 Convert Unicode ISO-Latin-1 (8851-1) text.
Output_ASCII Convert Unicode ASCII Unrecognized characters are printed as `?
Output_EUCJIS Convert Unicode to EUCJIS (Extended Unix Code for Japan).
Output_iconv Convert Unicode to bytes in some iconv-supported encoding.
Output_JavaSrc Convert Unicode to Ascii with \ u XXXX-escapes.
Output_SJIS Convert Unicode to SJIS (Shift JIS, used on Japanese MS-Windows).
Output_UnicodeLittleUnmarked Convert to Unicode Little Endian, no marker
Output_UTF8 Convert Unicode to UTF8.