Package gnu.classpath.jdwp.transport

Interface Summary

ITransport A class representing a transport layer.

Class Summary

JdwpCommandPacket A class representing a JDWP command packet.
JdwpConnection A connection via some transport to some JDWP-speaking entity.
JdwpPacket All command and reply packets in JDWP share common header type information: length (4 bytes) : size of entire packet, including length id (4 bytes) : unique packet id flags (1 byte) : flag byte [command packet stuff | reply packet stuff] data (variable) : unique command-/reply-specific data This class deal with everything except the command- and reply-specific data, which get handled in JdwpCommandPacket and JdwpReplyPacket.
JdwpReplyPacket A class represents a JDWP reply packet.
TransportFactory A factory class that constructs transports for use by the JDWP back-end.

Exception Summary

TransportException A transport configury or initialization exception thrown by JDWP transports.