Package gnu.CORBA

Interface Summary

IorProvider Marks the possibility of the implementing object to return the associated IOR.
Minor Provides information and operations, related to about the 20 bit vendor minor code Id.
SafeForDirectCalls This interface marks that the object does not modify the passed read only parameters and hence, if it is local, it is safe to call the methods directly, without cloning such parameters.

Class Summary

Asynchron Handles the asynchronous dynamic invocations.
BigDecimalHelper Reads and writes BigDecimal as CORBA fixed.
ByteArrayComparator A byte array comparator for mapping with CORBA object keys.
CdrEncapsCodecImpl The local Codec implementation for ENCODING_CDR_ENCAPS encoding.
Connected_objects The repository of objects, that have been connected to the FunctionalORB by the method ORB.connect(org.omg.CORBA.Object).
Connected_objects.cObject The reference data about the connected object.
CorbaList This class is used to store array lists.
DefaultSocketFactory The default socket factory that forges "plain" server and client sockets.
DefinitionKindHolder The definition kind holder.
DuplicateNameHolder A holder for the exception DuplicateName.
DynAnySeqHolder A holder for the sequence of DynAny (DynAnySeq).
EmptyExceptionHolder This holder can store any CORBA exception that has no user defined fields.
ForwardRequestHelper The helper operations for the exception ForwardRequest.
gnuAny The implementation of Any.
gnuCodecFactory A simple implementation of the Codec factory, able to return the standard Codec's.
gnuContext The working implementation of the Context.
gnuContextList The working implementation of the ContextList.
gnuEnvironment The implementation of the exception container ("Environment").
gnuExceptionList The implementation of the list of type codes for exceptions.
gnuNamedValue The implementation of the named value.
gnuNVList The implementation of NVList.
gnuRequest The implementation of the CORBA request.
gnuValueHolder Boxed value holder that also remembers the value type and the value helper.
GeneralHolder This class holds the abstract binary data array of the Streamable being stored.
HolderLocator Creates the suitable holder for storing the value of the given final_type.
IorDelegate The Classpath implementation of the Delegate functionality in the case, when the object was constructed from an IOR object.
IorObject Implements an object, constructed from an IOR reference.
IOR The implementaton of the Interoperable Object Reference (IOR).
IOR.CodeSets_profile The code sets tagged component, normally part of the Internet profile.
IOR.Internet_profile The internet profile.
IOR.CodeSets_profile.CodeSet_component The code set component.
NameDynAnyPairHolder A holder for the structure NameDynAnyPair.
NameDynAnyPairSeqHolder A holder for the sequence of NameDynAnyPair.
NameValuePairHolder A holder for the structure NameValuePair.
NameValuePairSeqHolder A holder for the sequence of NameValuePair.
ObjectCreator Creates java objects from the agreed IDL names for the simple case when the CORBA object is directly mapped into the locally defined java class.
OctetHolder A holder for CORBA octet that is mapped into java long.
OrbFocused This class implements the ORB that uses a single port or the restricted port range for all its objects.
OrbFunctional The ORB implementation, capable to handle remote invocations on the registered object.
OrbFunctional.portServer A server, responsible for listening on requests on some local port.
OrbFunctional.sharedPortServer A server, responsible for listening on requests on some local port and serving multiple requests (probably to the different objects) on the same thread.
OrbRestricted This class implements so-called Singleton ORB, a highly restricted version that cannot communicate over network.
ResponseHandlerImpl Provides the CDR output streams for writing the response to the given buffer.
ServiceDetailHolder The service detail holder.
ServiceRequestAdapter This class supports invocation using ServerRequest.
SetOverrideTypeHolder The holder for SetOverrideType.
SimpleDelegate The delegate, implementing the basic functionality only.
SocketRepository This class caches the opened sockets that are reused during the frequent calls.
StreamBasedRequest A stream, additionally holding the gnu request.
StreamHolder A holder that stores the input stream, from that the holder data can be read.
StubLocator Finds a stub class like "_HelloStub" that can be instantiated from IOR reference.
TypeCodeHelper Reads and writes the TypeCodes usind common data representation.
TypeKindNamer A conveniency method for naming the built-in types.
Version A version number, represented by the major version number and the minor version number.
WCharHolder A holder for CORBA char that is mapped into java char.
WStringHolder A holder for CORBA wstring that is mapped into java String.
_PolicyImplBase The server side implementation base for the Policy.

Error Summary

Unexpected Contains the static method to throw an error in the case when the execution should never get into the current point.