Package gnu.CORBA.Poa

Interface Summary

AccessiblePolicy The Classpath implementation of the policy, providing the policy value and the code of the policy type.

Class Summary

AOM Implements the conception of the Active Object Map.
AOM.Obj The reference data about the object, placed on the AOM.
DynamicImpHandler The InvokeHandler, indicating, that the target is a dynamic implementation rather than an invoke handler.
ForwardedServant A "virtual servant", delegating all invocation to the wrapped object (usually remote).
ForwardRequestHolder A holder for the exception ForwardRequest.
gnuAdapterActivator Defines a simple adapter activator.
gnuIdAssignmentPolicy Implementation of the id assignment policy.
gnuIdUniquenessPolicy Implementation of the id uniqueness policy.
gnuImplicitActivationPolicy Implementation of the implicit activation policy.
gnuLifespanPolicy The implementation of the life span policy.
gnuPoaCurrent Supports the "Poa current" concept, providing the id and poa of the object currently being served.
gnuPOA Our POA implementation.
gnuPOAManager The implementation of the POA manager.
gnuRequestProcessingPolicy The implementation of the request processing policy.
gnuServantObject Represents a CORBA object, being locally served by the associated servant.
gnuServantRetentionPolicy The implementation of the servant retention policy.
gnuThreadPolicy The implementation of the thread policy.
InvalidPolicyHolder A holder for the exception InvalidPolicy.
LocalDelegate A local delegate, transferring all object requests to the locally available servant.
LocalRequest Directs the invocation to the locally available servant.
LocalServerRequest Used to make local invocations via LocalRequest.
ORB_1_4 The ORB, supporting POAs that are the feature of jdk 1.4.
ServantDelegateImpl The implementation of the servant delegate for the locally existing servant.The associated servant that must also implement the InvokeHandler interface.
StandardPolicies Contains the frequently uset POA policy sets.

Exception Summary

gnuForwardRequest The class, indicating that the request should be forwarded to another target.