Package gnu.CORBA.DynAn

Interface Summary

ValueChangeListener An interface, able to receive notification about the change of value of some DynAny.

Class Summary

AbstractAny The top of our DynAny implementation, this class provides ORB that is required to create anys and factory that is required to initialise DynAnys.
DivideableAny Provides a base for DynAnys, having multiple components.
gnuDynAny The primitive dynamic Any holds the value basic final_type that cannot be traversed.
gnuDynAnyFactory This class is returned by ORB when resolving initial reference "DynAnyFactory".
gnuDynArray Provides support for dynamic array or sequence, where all members have the same final_type.
gnuDynEnum Our implementation of dynamic enumeration.
gnuDynFixed Implements DynAny, holding CORBA fixed.
gnuDynStruct Implementation of the DynStruct.
gnuDynUnion Implementation of DynUnion.
gnuDynValue Implementation of DynValue.
gnuDynValueBox Implementation of the DynValueBox.
NameValuePairHolder The name-value pair holder.
RecordAny A shared base for both dynamic structure an dynamic value final_type.
UndivideableAny Represent DynAny that has no internal components (DynEnum and so on).