The naco_img_twflat recipe



Twilight flat recipe


naco_img_twflat – NACO imaging flat-field creation from twilight images.

The files listed in the Set Of Frames (sof-file) must be tagged: raw-file.fits CAL_FLAT_TW or raw-or-calib-file.fits CAL_DARK The flat frames are divided into groups, each group having identical instrument settings. Each group of flats is reduced independently of each other. For each group of flats, the set of frames shall contain either zero, one or n dark frames with the same instrument settings, where n is the number of flats in the group.



Create an object for the recipe naco_img_twflat.

import cpl
naco_img_twflat = cpl.Recipe("naco_img_twflat")



Rejected left right bottom and top border [pixel] (str; default: ‘200 200 200 200’) [default=”200 200 200 200”].


Low and high thresholds for the Bad Pixel Map (str; default: ‘0.5 2.0’) [default=”0.5 2.0”].


Use the proportional fit (bool; default: False) [default=False].


Create the bad pixel map (bool; default: False) [default=False].


Create the error map (bool; default: False) [default=False].


Create the intercept image (bool; default: False) [default=False].

The following code snippet shows the default settings for the available parameters.

import cpl
naco_img_twflat = cpl.Recipe("naco_img_twflat")

naco_img_twflat.param.r = "200 200 200 200"
naco_img_twflat.param.t = "0.5 2.0"
naco_img_twflat.param.prop = False
naco_img_twflat.param.bpm = False
naco_img_twflat.param.errmap = False
naco_img_twflat.param.intercept = False

You may also set or overwrite some or all parameters by the recipe parameter param, as shown in the following example:

import cpl
naco_img_twflat = cpl.Recipe("naco_img_twflat")
res = naco_img_twflat( ..., param = {"r":"200 200 200 200", "t":"0.5 2.0"})

See also

cpl.Recipe for more information about the recipe object.

Bug reports

Please report any problems to Lars Lundin. Alternatively, you may send a report to the ESO User Support Department.