The hawki_step_combine recipe



(OBSOLETE) Jitter image combination recipe


(OBSOLETE) hawki_step_combine – hawki combine jitter images.

The files listed in the Set Of Frames (sof-file) must be tagged: science-file.fits DIST_CORRECTED or science-file.fits BKG_SUBTRACTED or bpm-file.fits BPM (optional) bkg_bpm-file.fits BKG_BPM (optional) offsets-file.fits OFFSETS_REFINED (optional) The recipe creates as an output: hawki_step_combine.fits (COMBINED): The recipe does the following steps: -Allocate an image with the proper combined size

(depends on parameters –comb_meth and –borders)

-Retrieve the offsets either from the offsets-file.fits or from the header -For each combined pixel, the contribution of each individual frame

is added using a resampling kernel. If any of the pixels involved in the resampling is a bad pixel (defined in bpm-file.fits), it is not taken into account.

With the remaining pixels a minmax rejection is performed

Return code: esorex exits with an error code of 0 if the recipe completes successfully or 1 otherwise



Create an object for the recipe hawki_step_combine.

import cpl
hawki_step_combine = cpl.Recipe("hawki_step_combine")



Maximum offset allowed (int; default: 1500) [default=1500].


Final size of combination (union / inter / first) (str; default: ‘union’) [default=”union”].


Low and high number of rejected values (str; default: ‘1,1’) [default=”1,1”].


Border pixels trimmed (int; default: 4) [default=4].


Resampling kernel (default/tanh/sinc/sinc2/lanczos/hamming/hann) (str; default: ‘default’) [default=”default”].

The following code snippet shows the default settings for the available parameters.

import cpl
hawki_step_combine = cpl.Recipe("hawki_step_combine")

hawki_step_combine.param.offset_max = 1500
hawki_step_combine.param.comb_meth = "union"
hawki_step_combine.param.rej = "1,1"
hawki_step_combine.param.borders = 4
hawki_step_combine.param.resamp_kernel = "default"

You may also set or overwrite some or all parameters by the recipe parameter param, as shown in the following example:

import cpl
hawki_step_combine = cpl.Recipe("hawki_step_combine")
res = hawki_step_combine( ..., param = {"offset_max":1500, "comb_meth":"union"})

See also

cpl.Recipe for more information about the recipe object.

Bug reports

Please report any problems to ESO Pipeline Group. Alternatively, you may send a report to the ESO User Support Department.