The hawki_cal_flat recipe



(OBSOLETE) Twillight flat recipe


(OBSOLETE) hawki_cal_flat – HAWK��I imaging flat-field creation from twillight images.

The input of the recipe files listed in the Set Of Frames (sof-file) must be tagged as: raw-file.fits FLAT or Optional inputs are: bpmdark-file.fits BPM_HOT dark-file.fits DARK_IM dark_err-file.fits DARK_ERR The recipe creates as an output: hawki_cal_flat_setxx.fits (FLAT_IM): Master flat for filter xx hawki_cal_flat_err_setxx.fits (FLAT_ERRMAP): Master flat residuals hawki_cal_flat_bpmflat_setxx.fits (BPM_COLD): BPM from the flat hawki_cal_flat_stats_setxx.fits (FLAT_STATS): Stats of the individual flats Optionally it also creates: hawki_cal_flat_bpm_setxx.fits (BPM): Bad pixel mask combining bpm from dark and flat hawki_cal_flat_stats_ec_setxx.fits (FLAT_STATS_EVEN_COL): Stats of the individual flats for even columns hawki_cal_flat_stats_oc_setxx.fits (FLAT_STATS_ODD_COL): Stats of the individual flats for odd columns hawki_cal_flat_stats_er_setxx.fits (FLAT_STATS_EVEN_ROW): Stats of the individual flats for even rows hawki_cal_flat_stats_or_setxx.fits (FLAT_STATS_ODD_ROW): Stats of the individual flats for odd rows Return code: esorex exits with an error code of 0 if the recipe completes successfully or 1 otherwise



Create an object for the recipe hawki_cal_flat.

import cpl
hawki_cal_flat = cpl.Recipe("hawki_cal_flat")


Stats zone (str; default: ‘1,1,2048,2048’) [default=”1,1,2048,2048”].


Flag to apply the normalisation (bool; default: False) [default=False].


Flag to apply a second pass computation (bool; default: True) [default=True].


sigma for detection of bad flat results (float; default: 1.0) [default=1.0].


sigma for detection of bad pixels (float; default: 10.0) [default=10.0].


values of the flat below this will be included in the bpm. In units of final flat (normalised if normalise is on) (float; default: 0.1) [default=0.1].


values of the flat above this will be included in the bpm. In units of final flat (normalized if normalise is on) (float; default: 10.0) [default=10.0].


Flag to automatically select the good input frames (bool; default: True) [default=True].


Maximum number of frames requested (int; default: 10) [default=10].


Minimum ADU level for frames selection (str; default: ‘-1.0’) [default=”-1.0”].


Maximum ADU level for frames selection (str; default: ‘25000’) [default=”25000”].


Maximum RMS for frames selection (str; default: ‘4000’) [default=”4000”].


Minimum number of frames requested (int; default: 3) [default=3].


Request for even/odd column/rows statistics (bool; default: False) [default=False].

The following code snippet shows the default settings for the available parameters.

import cpl
hawki_cal_flat = cpl.Recipe("hawki_cal_flat") = "1,1,2048,2048"
hawki_cal_flat.param.normalise = False
hawki_cal_flat.param.second_pass = True
hawki_cal_flat.param.sigma_badres = 1.0
hawki_cal_flat.param.sigma_bpm = 10.0
hawki_cal_flat.param.lowval_bpm = 0.1
hawki_cal_flat.param.highval_bpm = 10.0
hawki_cal_flat.param.select_auto = True
hawki_cal_flat.param.select_auto_max_bins = 10
hawki_cal_flat.param.select_min_level = "-1.0"
hawki_cal_flat.param.select_max_level = "25000"
hawki_cal_flat.param.select_max_rms = "4000"
hawki_cal_flat.param.select_min_nframes = 3
hawki_cal_flat.param.extra_stats = False

You may also set or overwrite some or all parameters by the recipe parameter param, as shown in the following example:

import cpl
hawki_cal_flat = cpl.Recipe("hawki_cal_flat")
res = hawki_cal_flat( ..., param = {"zone":"1,1,2048,2048", "normalise":False})

See also

cpl.Recipe for more information about the recipe object.

Bug reports

Please report any problems to ESO Pipeline Group. Alternatively, you may send a report to the ESO User Support Department.