Welcome to the corosync project's manual pages.

Daemon, tools and configuration

corosync_overview(7): Overview of the corosync system.
corosync.conf(5): Description of configuration options for corosync.
corosync.xml(5): Description of configuration options for corosync xml config format.
votequorum(5): Description of configuration options for votequorum module in corosync.conf
corosync(8): Description of corosync daemon.
corosync-blackbox(8): Description of corosync-blackbox tool.
corosync-cfgtool(8): Description of corosync-cfgtool tool.
corosync-cpgtool(8): Description of corosync-cpgtool tool.
corosync-keygen(8): Description of corosync-keygen tool.
corosync-notifyd(8): Description of corosync-notifyd tool.
corosync-cmapctl(8): Description of corosync-cmapctl tool.
cmap_keys(7): Overview of keys stored in the Configuration Map.
corosync-quorumtool(8): Description of corosync-quorumtool tool.
corosync-xmlproc(8): Description of corosync-xmlproc tool.

Developers API references

CPG service

cpg_overview(3): Overview of the cpg extended virtual synchrony group communication toolkit.
cpg_initialize(3): Description of the cpg_initialize interface.
cpg_finalize(3): Description of the cpg_finalize interface.
cpg_dispatch(3): Description of the cpg_dispatch interface.
cpg_fd_get(3): Description of the cpg_fd_get interface.
cpg_join(3): Description of the cpg_join interface.
cpg_leave(3): Description of the cpg_leave interface.
cpg_mcast_joined(3): Description of the cpg_mcast_joined interface.
cpg_membership_get(3): Description of the cpg_membership_get interface.
cpg_local_get(3): Description of the cpg_local_get interface.
cpg_iteration_initialize(3): Description of the cpg_iteration_initialize interface.
cpg_iteration_next(3): Description of the cpg_iteration_next interface.
cpg_iteration_finalize(3): Description of the cpg_iteration_finalize interface.
cpg_context_get(3): Gets the context variable for a CPG instance.
cpg_context_set(3): Sets the context variable for a CPG instance.
cpg_model_initialize(3): Create a new connection to the CPG service
cpg_zcb_alloc(3): Allocates a zero copy buffer.
cpg_zcb_free(3): Frees a zero copy buffer.
cpg_zcb_mcast_joined(3): Multicasts a zero copy buffer to all groups joined to a handle.

SAM service

sam_overview(3): Description of sam_overview interface.
sam_data_getsize(3): Description of sam_data_getsize interface.
sam_data_restore(3): Description of sam_data_restore interface.
sam_data_store(3): Description of sam_data_store interface.
sam_finalize(3): Description of sam_finalize interface.
sam_hc_callback_register(3): Description of sam_hc_callback_register interface.
sam_hc_send(3): Description of sam_hc_send interface.
sam_initialize(3): Description of sam_initialize interface.
sam_mark_failed(3): Description of sam_mark_failed interface.
sam_register(3): Description of sam_register interface.
sam_start(3): Description of sam_start interface.
sam_stop(3): Description of sam_stop interface.
sam_warn_signal_set(3): Description of sam_warn_signal_set interface.

QUORUM service

quorum_overview(3): An overview of the quorum service
quorum_initialize(3): Description of quorum_initialize interface.
quorum_finalize(3): Description of quorum_finalize interface.
quorum_getquorate(3): Description of quorum_getquorate interface.
quorum_trackstart(3): Description of quorum_trackstart interface.
quorum_trackstop(3): Description of quorum_trackstop interface.
quorum_fd_get(3): Description of quorum_fd_get interface.
quorum_dispatch(3): Description of quorum_dispatch interface.
quorum_context_set(3): Description of quorum_context_set interface.
quorum_context_get(3): Description of quorum_context_get interface.


votequorum_overview(3): An overview of the vote-based quorum service
votequorum_initialize(3): Description of the votequorum_initialize interface.
votequorum_finalize(3): Description of the votequorum_finalize interface.
votequorum_getinfo(3): Description of the votequorum_getinfo interface.
votequorum_trackstart(3): Description of the votequorum_trackstart interface.
votequorum_trackstop(3): Description of the votequorum_trackstop interface.
votequorum_fd_get(3): Description of the votequorum_fd_get interface.
votequorum_dispatch(3): Description of the votequorum_dispatch interface.
votequorum_context_set(3): Description of the votequorum_context_set interface.
votequorum_context_get(3): Description of the votequorum_context_get interface.
votequorum_setexpected(3): Description of the votequorum interface.
votequorum_setvotes(3): Description of the votequorum interface.
votequorum_qdevice_master_wins(3): Sets or clears quorum device master_wins flag.
votequorum_qdevice_poll(3): Tells votequorum the result of the quorum device poll.
votequorum_qdevice_register(3): Registers a new quorum device.
votequorum_qdevice_unregister(3): Unregisters a new quorum device.
votequorum_qdevice_update(3): Updates quorum device name.

CMAP service

cmap_overview(3): An overview of the configuration map service.
cmap_context_get(3): Description of the cmap_context_get interface.
cmap_context_set(3): Description of the cmap_context_set interface.
cmap_dec(3): Description of the cmap_dec interface.
cmap_delete(3): Description of the cmap_delete interface.
cmap_dispatch(3): Description of the cmap_dispatch interface.
cmap_fd_get(3): Description of the cmap_fd_get interface.
cmap_finalize(3): Description of the cmap_finalize interface.
cmap_get(3): Description of the cmap_get interface.
cmap_inc(3): Description of the cmap_inc interface.
cmap_initialize(3): Description of the cmap_initialize interface.
cmap_iter_finalize(3): Description of the cmap_iter_finalize interface.
cmap_iter_init(3): Description of the cmap_iter_init interface.
cmap_iter_next(3): Description of the cmap_iter_next interface.
cmap_set(3): Description of the cmap_set interface.
cmap_track_add(3): Description of the cmap_track_add interface.
cmap_track_delete(3): Description of the cmap_track_delete interface.