python-mpd2 Changes List

Changes in v0.5.5

  • fix sended newlines on windows systems
  • include tests in source distribution

Changes in v0.5.4

  • support for listfiles, rangeid, addtagid, cleartagid, mount, umount, listmounts, listneighbors

Changes in v0.5.3

  • noidle command does returns pending changes now

Changes in v0.5.2

  • add support for readcomments and toggleoutput

Changes in v0.5.1

  • add support for ranges

Changes in 0.5.0

  • improved support for sticker

Changes in 0.4.6

  • enforce utf8 for encoding/decoding in python3

Changes in 0.4.5

  • support for logging

Changes in 0.4.4

  • fix cleanup after broken connection
  • deprecate timeout parameter added in v0.4.2
  • add timeout and idletimeout property

Changes in 0.4.3

  • add searchadd and searchaddpl command
  • fix commands without a callback function
  • transform MPDClient to new style class

Changes in 0.4.2

  • backward compatible unicode handling
  • added optional socket timeout parameter

Changes in 0.4.1

  • prio and prioid was spelled wrong
  • added config command
  • remove deprecated volume command

Changes in 0.4.0

  • python3 support (python2.6 is minimum python version required)
  • support for the upcoming client-to-client protocol
  • added new commands of mpd (seekcur, prior, priorid)
  • methods are explicit declared now, so they are shown in ipython
  • added unit tests
  • documented API to add new commands (see Future Compatible)

Changes in 0.3.0

  • added replay_gain_mode and replay_gain_status commands
  • added mixrampdb and mixrampdelay commands
  • added findadd and rescan commands
  • added decoders command
  • changed license to LGPL
  • added sticker commands
  • correctly handle errors in command lists (fixes a longstanding bug)
  • raise IteratingError instead of breaking horribly when called wrong
  • added fileno() to export socket FD (for polling with select et al.)
  • asynchronous API (use send_<cmd> to queue, fetch_<cmd> to retrieve)
  • support for connecting to unix domain sockets
  • added consume and single commands
  • added idle and noidle commands
  • added listplaylists command

Changes in 0.2.1

  • connect() no longer broken on Windows

Changes in 0.2.0

  • support for IPv6 and multi-homed hostnames
  • connect() will fail if already connected
  • commands may now raise ConnectionError
  • addid and update may now return None