What is gevent?

gevent is a coroutine -based Python networking library that uses greenlet to provide a high-level synchronous API on top of the libev event loop.

Features include:

  • Fast event loop based on libev (epoll on Linux, kqueue on FreeBSD).
  • Lightweight execution units based on greenlet.
  • API that re-uses concepts from the Python standard library (for example there are gevent.event.Events and gevent.queue.Queues).
  • Cooperative sockets with SSL support
  • DNS queries performed through threadpool or c-ares.
  • Monkey patching utility to get 3rd party modules to become cooperative

gevent is inspired by eventlet but features more consistent API, simpler implementation and better performance. Read why others use gevent and check out the list of the open source projects based on gevent.

gevent is written and maintained by Denis Bilenko with help from the contributors and is licensed under the MIT license.

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