What’s New

What’s new in version 0.15.2 (2015-09-11)

This is a minor bug-fix release:

  • Fix socket.create_connection() backport on Py2.6 (issue #162)
  • Add more tests of urllib.request etc.
  • Fix newsuper() calls from the __init__ method of PyQt subclassses (issue #160, thanks to Christopher Arndt)

What’s new in version 0.15.1 (2015-09-09)

This is a minor bug-fix release:

  • Use 3-argument socket.create_connection() backport to restore Py2.6 compatibility in urllib.request.urlopen() (issue #162)
  • Remove breakpoint in future.backports.http.client triggered on certain data (issue #164)
  • Move exec fixer to stage 1 of futurize because the forward-compatible exec(a, b) idiom is supported in Python 2.6 and 2.7. See https://docs.python.org/2/reference/simple_stmts.html#exec.

What’s new in version 0.15.0 (2015-07-25)

This release fixes compatibility bugs with CherryPy’s Py2/3 compat layer and the latest version of the urllib3 package. It also adds some additional backports for Py2.6 and Py2.7 from Py3.4’s standard library.

New features:

  • install_aliases() now exposes full backports of the Py3 urllib submodules (parse, request etc.) from future.backports.urllib as submodules of urllib on Py2. This implies, for example, that urllib.parse.unquote now takes an optional encoding argument as it does on Py3. This improves compatibility with CherryPy’s Py2/3 compat layer (issue #158).
  • tkinter.ttk support (issue #151)
  • Backport of collections.ChainMap (issue #150)
  • Backport of itertools.count for Py2.6 (issue #152)
  • Enable and document support for the surrogateescape error handler for newstr and newbytes objects on Py2.x (issue #116). This feature is currently in alpha.
  • Add constants to http.client such as HTTP_PORT and BAD_REQUEST (issue #137)
  • Backport of reprlib.recursive_repr to Py2

Bug fixes:

  • Add HTTPMessage to http.client, which is missing from httplib.__all__ on Python <= 2.7.10. This restores compatibility with the latest urllib3 package (issue #159, thanks to Waldemar Kornewald)
  • Expand newint.__divmod__ and newint.__rdivmod__ to fall back to <type ‘long’> implementations where appropriate (issue #146 - thanks to Matt Bogosian)
  • Fix newrange slicing for some slice/range combos (issue #132, thanks to Brad Walker)
  • Small doc fixes (thanks to Michael Joseph and Tim Tröndle)
  • Improve robustness of test suite against opening .pyc files as text on Py2
  • Update backports of Counter and OrderedDict to use the newer implementations from Py3.4. This fixes .copy() preserving subclasses etc.
  • futurize no longer breaks working Py2 code by changing basestring to str. Instead it imports the basestring forward-port from past.builtins (issues #127 and #156)
  • future.utils: add string_types etc. and update docs (issue #126)

Previous versions

See Changes in previous versions for versions prior to v0.15.