OpenStack Command Line Tool (compatible with v2 API only)

The python-designateclient package comes with a plugin for the openstack command line tool (installed as openstack). This can be used to access a Designate API without having to manipulate JSON by hand, it can also produce the output in a variety of formats (JSON, CSV) and allow you to select columns to be displayed.


Both python-openstackclient and python-designateclient must be installed:

$ pip install python-openstackclient python-designateclient


openstack requires certain information to talk to the REST API. An in-depth explanation is covered in the OpenStack Client configuration documentation.

Using the Command Line Tool

With enough details now in the environment, you can use the openstack to create a zone and populate it with some records:

$ openstack zone create --email
| Field          | Value                                |
| action         | CREATE                               |
| created_at     | 2016-04-19T17:44:04.000000           |
| description    | None                                 |
| email          |                    |
| id             | 388814ef-3c5d-415e-a866-5b1d13d78dae |
| masters        |                                      |
| name           |                         |
| pool_id        | 794ccc2c-d751-44fe-b57f-8894c9f5c842 |
| project_id     | 123456                               |
| serial         | 1461087844                           |
| status         | PENDING                              |
| transferred_at | None                                 |
| ttl            | 3600                                 |
| type           | PRIMARY                              |
| updated_at     | None                                 |
| version        | 1                                    |

Now that the zone has been created, we can start adding records.

You’ll note that the zone name ( has a trailing ., as per the DNS standard, and we didn’t set a TTL.

$ openstack recordset create --type A --records www
| Field       | Value                                |
| action      | CREATE                               |
| created_at  | 2016-04-19T17:51:12.000000           |
| description | None                                 |
| id          | 180d3574-3c29-4ea2-b6ff-df904bd3f126 |
| name        |                     |
| records     |                           |
| status      | PENDING                              |
| ttl         | None                                 |
| type        | A                                    |
| updated_at  | None                                 |
| version     | 1                                    |
| zone_id     | 388814ef-3c5d-415e-a866-5b1d13d78dae |

Designate-specific Subcommands

Aside from the zone create and recordset create subcommands, this is the full list of subcommands that enable Designate V2 support:

subcommand Notes Admin Required
zone create Create new zone  
zone list List zones  
zone show Show zone details  
zone set Set zone properties  
zone delete Delete zone  
recordset create Create new recordset  
recordset list List recordsets  
recordset list all List all recordsets in all zones  
recordset show Show recordset details  
recordset set Set recordset properties  
recordset delete Delete recordset  
ptr record list List floatingip ptr records  
ptr record show Show floatingip ptr record details  
ptr record set Set floatingip ptr record  
ptr record unset Unset floatingip ptr record  
zone export create Export a Zone  
zone export list List Zone Exports  
zone export show Show a Zone Export  
zone export delete Delete a Zone Export  
zone export showfile Show the zone file for the Zone Export  
zone import create Import a Zone from a file on the filesystem  
zone import list List Zone Imports  
zone import show Show a Zone Import  
zone import delete Delete a Zone Import  
zone transfer request create Create new zone transfer request  
zone transfer request list List Zone Transfer Requests  
zone transfer request show Show Zone Transfer Request Details  
zone transfer request set Set a Zone Transfer Request  
zone transfer request delete Delete a Zone Transfer Request  
zone transfer accept request Accept a Zone Transfer Request  
zone transfer accept list List Zone Transfer Accepts  
zone transfer accept show Show Zone Transfer Accept  
zone abandon Abandon a zone  
zone axfr AXFR a zone  
zone blacklist create Create new blacklist Yes
zone blacklist list List blacklists Yes
zone blacklist show Show blacklist details Yes
zone blacklist set Set blacklist properties Yes
zone blacklist delete Delete blacklist Yes
tld create Create new tld Yes
tld list List tlds Yes
tld show Show tld details Yes
tld set Set tld properties Yes
tld delete Delete tld Yes

Built-in Designate Documentation

You’ll find complete documentation on the shell by running: openstack --help

For a specific command, you can execute: openstack subcommand help