circuits.web.sessions module

Session Components

This module implements Session Components that can be used to store and access persistent information.

circuits.web.sessions.who(request, encoding='utf-8')

Create a SHA1 Hash of the User’s IP Address and User-Agent


Create a unique session id from the request

Returns a unique session using uuid4() and a sha1() hash of the users IP Address and User Agent in the form of sid/who.

circuits.web.sessions.verify_session(request, sid)

Verify a User’s Session

This verifies the User’s Session by verifying the SHA1 Hash of the User’s IP Address and User-Agent match the provided Session ID.

class circuits.web.sessions.Sessions(name='circuits.session', channel='web')

Bases: circuits.core.components.Component

channel = 'web'
save(sid, data)

Save User Session Data for sid

request(request, response)

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