circuits.core.workers module


Worker components used to perform “work” in independent threads or processes. Worker(s) are typically used by a Pool (circuits.core.pools) to create a pool of workers. Worker(s) are not registered with a Manager or another Component - instead they are managed by the Pool. If a Worker is used independently it should not be registered as it causes its main event handler _on_task to execute in the other thread blocking it.

class circuits.core.workers.task(f, *args, **kwargs)


task Event

This Event is used to initiate a new task to be performed by a Worker or a Pool of Worker(s).

  • f (function) – The function to be executed.
  • args (tuple) – Arguments to pass to the function
  • kwargs (dict) – Keyword Arguments to pass to the function

x.__init__(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature

success = True
failure = True
name = 'task'
class circuits.core.workers.Worker(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: circuits.core.components.BaseComponent

A thread/process Worker Component

This Component creates a Worker (either a thread or process) which when given a Task, will execute the given function in the task in the background in its thread/process.

Parameters:process (bool) – True to start this Worker as a process (Thread otherwise)

initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature

channel = 'worker'
init(process=False, workers=None, channel='worker')

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