Introduction to Sequences

The Chapter Tour Through xmh and this one have mentioned sequences more than once. Let's summarize that information here -- and add to it.

A sequence is a list of message numbers, just like an MH sequence. It's used for grouping messages temporarily or permanently. When you view the sequence in your Table of Contents, you'll only see those particular messages from the folder. The other messages are still in the folder; they're just not shown. Note the following:

Figure: Selecting a sequence (all)


There are two ways to select a sequence:

  1. If you select the sequence with the first mouse button, that changes the selected sequence but doesn't view it in the Table of Contents.

    When you use Open Sequence, a listing of the messages opens in the Table of Contents. If you're adding a message to a sequence, though, you won't want to open it.

  2. The accelerator is selecting the sequence with the second mouse button. That selects the sequence and views it in the Table of Contents.
To make a sequence, use the Pick command -- then, if you want, you can use the Add to Sequence and Remove from Sequence commands to move messages into or out of the sequence. First, let's take a look at the way to make sequences: Pick.