Command-line Settings

Most X users can store command-line options in an X startup file like .xsession or .xinitrc. For example, here is the section of my .xsession file used for this book:

    xmh -display :0.1 -geometry 660x460+200+5 &
The -display and -geometry options are standard X Toolkit options; see the X(1) manual page. Command-line options might be most useful when you start xmh from an xterm window or a shell script, or when you want to override resource settings. See the Section Changing How Commands Work.

You can customize xmh with entries in a resource file like .Xdefaults, instead of, or in addition to, setting command-line options. These override any existing defaults -- though you'll first have to restart xmh, restart X, or give a command such as the following:

    % xrdb $HOME/.Xdefaults
For more information, see O'Reilly Media's Volume Three, X Window System User's Guide, by Valerie Quercia and Tim O'Reilly.