Setting Up MH

Before you use MH, your UNIX account needs to be set up. Log in and get a shell prompt (which I'll show as a percent sign (%); yours might be different). If you're using the X Window System, open an xterm window (a terminal or command window) where you get a shell prompt.

Type the following command at the prompt:

    % folder +inbox
If the answer is something like folder: Command not found then the MH commands aren't in your shell search path or they haven't been installed on your system. (Here is help setting your search path.) Your system administrator can help you find the MH commands -- or install them. If there are entries besides Path:, Folder-protect: and Msg-Protect: in your .mh_profile and you didn't put them there, you may want to "comment out" those extra entries so that MH will ignore them. That way, when you use MH, you won't be confused by commands that work differently than you expect. An easy way to "comment out" an entry is by putting a few uppercase X's before it, like this:
    XXXrepl: -annotate
Later, after you have more experience with MH, you may want to delete the Xs.