Storing in Mailbox Files: rcvpack

The rcvpack program isn't used very much. The file, >, mbox, or mmdf (nmh) actions do the same thing more efficiently. For example, both of these entries append the message to a file named autoproc.log in the home directory:

    From  autoproc  >  R  autoproc.log
    From  autoproc  ^  R  "/x/y/rcvpack autoproc.log"
rcvpack is useful on systems with MH before version 6.8, and the sendmail MTA, if users want to run msh on new mail. On those systems, the file or > action is usually set to write mailboxes in mailbox format. But the MH rcvpack always uses MMDF format; that's what msh needs. In MH 6.8 and after, slocal supports the mbox action for writing MMDF format; on those systems, you won't need rcvpack from a .maildelivery file.

Under nmh, rcvpack has both -mbox and -mmdf options to write mailbox and MMDF formats, respectively.