send Reference Guide

send: send a message

-alias aliasfile
Name of alias file
Send draft message without asking
-draftfolder folder, more...
Name of draft folder
-draftmessage msg, more... (default: current)
Draft message number
-nodraftfolder (default)
Don't use draft folder
-filter filterfile
mhl format file for Bcc: (blind) copies
-nofilter (default)
Don't use mhl on Bcc:s
Forward Bcc:s in MIME format. Overrides -filter.
-format (default)
Reformat header to Internet standards
Leave message header as it is
-forward (default)
Mail unsendable draft back to you (only with -push)
Don't return unsendable draft (only with -push)
Add Message-ID: field to draft
-nomsgid (default)
Don't add Message-ID:
-push, more...
Detach from terminal, send in background
-nopush (default)
Don't push
Show interactions with transport agent
-noverbose (default)
Don't show transport agent interactions
Monitor delivery of local and network mail
-nowatch (default)
Don't monitor delivery
-width columns (default: 72)
Width (columns) of header fields containing addresses
-split seconds
Split message into parts while sending; wait seconds seconds before sending each part
file ... (required) (default: draft in MH directory)
UNIX relative or absolute pathname of draft files to send