mhl Reference Guide

mhl: produce formatted listing of MH messages

-bell (default)
Ring bell after each page (only with -nomoreproc)
Don't ring bell (only with -nomoreproc)
Clear screen before each page (only with -nomoreproc)
-noclear (default)
Don't clear screen (only with -nomoreproc)
-folder folder
Folder name to display with Messagename: component:
  (Message folder:files)
NOT name of folder to read message from!
-form formfile
Name of format file (default: mhl.format)
-length lines
Number of lines to display (only with -nomoreproc; default: screen length, else 40)
-width columns
Number of columns to display (only with -nomoreproc; default: screen width, else 80)
-moreproc program
Text paging program (default: more)
Use internal paging routine
files ...
UNIX relative or absolute pathname of message file(s)