folder Reference Guide

folder: set/list current folder/message

+folder (default: current folder)
Folder name
Message to make current
List top-level folders or list folders under +folder. (See -recurse, folders.)
Create folder without asking
Don't create a new folder
Don't summarize folder contents
-nofast (default)
Summarize each folder
-header (default if -all)
Print explanatory heading
-noheader (default without -all)
Don't print heading
Print folder stack
-nolist (default)
Don't print folder stack
Renumber messages to remove gaps
-nopack (default)
Don't renumber messages
List steps taken to renumber messages
-noverbose (default)
Output only error messages
-print (default)
Summarize folder. (Not default during -push, -pop; if used, also allows setting current message.)
Make +folder current, push current folder on stack; if no +folder, swap current folder and top of stack. Sets -list.
Pop folder from top of stack, make it current. Sets -list.
List subfolders
-norecurse (default)
Don't list subfolders
-total (default if -all)
Count messages and folders
-nototal (default without -all)
Un-do -total.