Reading Your Mail with MH

If you're tired of screens full of header fields like Received: and you want to display messages in a certain format, this chapter shows you the basics of the mhl message-formatting command. Just as you can change message formatting, you can also change the information that the scan command gives you. Both of those topics are covered in depth in the chapter on MH Formatting. this chapter shows easy ways to get started. You'll find some basic information about the way that MH shows MIME messages and how you can control it; there's more in the chapter on Making MH Work Your Way. We'll also look at features of inc, such as getting mail over a network with POP, keeping a log of incoming mail -- and see how to check your mail before you run inc. The chapter closes with information about the autoinc script, which is an example of processing your new mail semi-automatically -- an alternative to the material in the chapter on Processing New Mail Automatically.