Geometry and Position Resources
by Brent Welch

exmh automatically remembers the position of top-level windows, both within a session and between successive runs of exmh. It does this by saving some position resource specifications in your ~/.exmh-defaults file. exmh also remembers the geometry of the main window and the detached folder display.

NOTE: If you use a virtual root window manager and start exmh in a new "room," the memory of a window location will cause problems. If you move exmh to a new room, you'll have to edit your ~/.exmh-defaults file and delete all *position resource specifications.

To avoid this problem, you can turn off the Remember Window Positions preference item under Window Stuff. Then, when exmh exits, it will remove the saved window locations.

You can adjust the width and height of some of the text windows. Here are the default values.

    *Fltop*Canvas.width: 300
    *Fltop*Canvas.height: 100
    *Sedit*Text.width: 80
    *Sedit*Text.height: 24
    *Clip*Text.width: 80
    *Clip*Text.height: 48
    *Help*Text.width: 80
    *Help*Text.height: 30
    *Log*Text.width: 80
    *Log*Text.height: 20