aqbanking  5.7.8
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This is AqBanking, a modular library for Online Banking and related tasks.

This library was designed by Martin to provide a generic way for applications to use Online Banking (e.g. HBCI, EBICS), and to import/export financial data (such as OFX, SWIFT, DTAUS). It is written in C (see API for Applications).

A general Note: All strings exchanged from and to AqBanking are expected in UTF-8 encoding unless stated otherwise. Please do not pass Latin-1 strings (i.e. with latin1-Umlauts) into AqBanking or expect the returned strings (which might be translated into German in UTF-8) in that way. For converting UTF-8 into or from other encodings, see the system function iconv(3) in iconv.h.


AqBanking is very modular. It simply provides the means to manage online accounts and to import/export financial data. AqBanking itself does not implement the actual online banking protocols – this is done in extra plugins which serve as backends/providers. This library is organized in multiple layers: