What is anyRemote?

anyRemote logo The overall goal of this project is to provide remote control service on Linux through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or just TCP/IP connection.

anyRemote supports wide range of modern cell phones like Nokia, SonyEricsson, HTC, Motorola and others.

It was developed as thin communication layer between Bluetooth (or IR, Wi-Fi) capabled phone and Linux, and in principle could be configured to manage almost any software.

anyRemote is console application, but in addition there are GUI front ends for Gnome and KDE.


Plenty of connection variants

anyRemote can be used by:

Plenty of compatible phones

anyRemote should work with the following phones:

You can find complete list of phones and other devices which were tested with anyRemote on the Devices List

Some phone-specific details described here.


There are KDE and Gnome GUI frontends. In addition to this it is possible to control anyRemote with a web interface.

Free as in Freedom

anyRemote is Free Software and released under the GNU GPL 3+ license.